Township Create and Develop your City

Township: Create and Develop your City


Does the idea of running your own city and starting from the ground up sound appealing to you? The kind where you begin your town life by tending to your farm, and as you toil and make your little patch of land productive, you eventually gain access to purchasing more land and establishing different buildings to signify progress and development? If you said yes to these, then you should play Township!

From Playrix, the developers of Homescapes and Gardenscapes comes Township – a game that lets you develop your very own town into a city by building all the necessary infrastructure and livelihood for you and your citizens to utilize.


Reap What you Sow

Township begins with you getting six fields. It is your job to utilize these fields and make them productive – this can be done by assigning some of your fields into farmland where you can gather crops or community buildings that increase the number of citizens that can live in your town.


township farm land


Upon completing certain tasks or goals, you will be rewarded with more fields that you can use to further develop your town. It is up to you what your subsequent fields would be used for – do you want more land to plant and harvest crops? How about more processing factories to increase the rate of your crop harvesting? The power is in your hands.


From Farmland to the Big City

Your journey to developing your small patch of land into a bustling metropolis begins with you tending to your farmland. Resource management is the name of the game in Township – gather crops and either sell them to other towns or use them to develop your infrastructure. As your town’s economy gets better, you can then create new buildings and establishments such as restaurants, cinemas, and factories to bring even more income and progress to your burgeoning locale.

You can even venture on expanding your town which will give you access to even more resources that you can use to further develop your economy. However, take note that in order to expand, you’ll need to build the necessary facilities and fulfill other requirements on top of spending resources. So you have to make sure where you want to expand.


township big ciy


Inter-Town and City Mingling

Once your town becomes a busy city, you can work with other players by fulfilling some of the transport tasks. For example, if you and another player have an airport, you gain access to airplanes that carry different combinations of goods and crops. You have to fill the plane with the required items before they depart so that you’ll be rewarded with various items and resources.

Moreover, if you’re having trouble fulfilling the request, you can ask help from other towns or cities. If they oblige, you and the player who helped you will benefit from completing the request. However, take note that you have to complete the request and send them off before the timer runs out – if the plane leaves by itself, you will not gain the rewards even if you fulfill the required goods or crops.

If you feel that you’re up to the task of managing both farm and city life, then play Township. Test your mettle and establish the best town, city, or metropolis around!