Score Hero Game

Score Hero: Play for the Perfect Goal


Are you a football fan? Do you want to play a football game that provides you with awesome and fun gameplay and also lets you score awesome and jaw-dropping goals? Then Score! Hero is a football game for you!

Developed by First Touch Games Ltd., Score! Hero is an exciting football game that mixes arcade and simulation elements to create a fun and addictive gaming experience. To date, Score! Hero has over 700 levels that challenge how well you can navigate through the field and swish the ball through the net of the opposing team.


score hero goals


Be the Score! Hero

Score! Hero lets you create your very own character. You can customize your avatar’s facial features – from the hairstyle, eyes, nose, facial hair, to the type of shoes, you can create the closest approximation of your likeness in the game. As you complete levels, you get to unlock even more hairstyles and accessories to further customize your character’s look.


Quick Intuitive Gameplay

Score! Hero’s gameplay relies on you passing or attempting to score the goal by using the correct angles. When a match starts, you are given the option to look for the closest teammate so you can pass the ball to him. You can control how the ball will reach your teammate by drawing either a straight or curved line. This will make your player hit the ball dead-on or put a spin on it to evade the defense. The same mechanic also goes when you’re about to score the goal – you either draw a straight line to fire a fastball or have it bend just inside the top corner.

Diving deeper into the gameplay, Score! Hero gives you different challenges per level as you progress through the game. This ranges from trying to score a goal with the least number of passes, scoring a goal with a header or banking the shot just inside the corner, or trying to mount an unbelievable comeback against the opposing team when you’re down 2-0. Completing these challenges rewards you by ranking you up the leaderboards as well as granting you more items to further customize your character.

That said, while the controls are easy to figure out, they are hard to master. You have to be precise when angling for a pass or attempting to bend your shot. Moreover, the AI is tenacious and will try to intercept your mid-field passes to break your streak, so you better be careful and strategize before you go about hurling the ball around.


score hero gameplay


Awesomely Immersive Graphics

Sporting impressive 3D graphics, the game makes you feel like you’re playing an actual football game – watch your team celebrate with every goal you score, and marvel at the way the character sprites realistically react to the ball.

Whether you pass it to your teammate to avoid the defense or try to hit a long-range scorcher, each round in Score! Hero is sure to be a memorable one.